Top Facts You Need to Know About Orlando City Stadium

I met a friend at Orlando city soccer game here. Here is there website The Orlando City Stadium is the home to the Orlando City SC, and that created a fantastic experience after opening up for the local Orlandoans. This stadium is a private investment, and it is now home to OCB, Orlando City, and Orlando Pride. The location of the stadium is just two blocks away from Amway Center, making it very convenient for visits by fans. The construction of the stadium is on a world class level for a soccer league. The design accommodates the supporter section, and the roofline has been slightly slanted to amplify the noise of the soccer fans.

The stadium has been designed with 4 stands that support a robust metallic deck canopy that will help amplify the noise and chanting of the fans beneath them. That will result in a powerful and thrilling noise experience that people cannot find in any other soccer stadium. The stadium has a capacity of 25,500 people and 8,400 square feet of the indoor club. The open-air supporter terrace is of 10,000 square feet. The playing surface is natural grass that is always under ultimate maintenance.

The field also has a unique sunken design despite Florida having a very high-water table. That makes the fans have an amphitheater experience because the playing ground has been sunk 8 feet below the ground level. The field does not flood because of the sophisticated drainage system that was installed to drain surface runoff. The grass on the field is natural and suitable for hot and wet conditions hence resulting in a perfect playground. The crowd is covered by the canopy, and it shields them from the rain and sun.

The Stadium is located Paramour, which is a downtown area. This is among the city’s poorer districts, and it was part of the bigger plan to rejuvenate the development in the area. The design of the stadium is steeped correctly to make the audience have a maximum view of the action on the ground. The gradient has fulfilled the American standards to make a good view even for those on the higher levels. The stadium has an all standing section, which is a safety measure to keep the fans safe.

The stadium has been equipped with 31 luxury suites. These suites have been set on the West Stand on two levels. There are suites on the upper level that provide a grandstand view and others on the lower level that are only 10 rows from the field. They can accommodate 14-28 guests featuring luxurious retractable windows. This luxurious facility includes amenities like concierge services, in-suite catering, and balcony view to the club and a visit to its extensive bar. There are also high-definition TVs for those who chose to pay for the luxurious suites.

The Orlando City Stadium has the best internet connection among all stadiums in the league. There are 583 wireless access points to guarantee that Wi-Fi is available throughout in all the stands. All fans can stay connected through the Lion National App. The stadium also has 49 rainbow colored seats in memorial of the June 2016 shooting tragedy. That is just a simple way to show equality and inclusive to soccer fans. The stadium maintains high levels of environmental friendliness by applying energy efficient methods where necessary.

This is the best soccer stadium around where fans can go for a great experience. Everything has been inclined in favor and comfort of the fans. There are even facilities to cater to the disabled. There are screens in the corners to make fans face a great view of the action. Visit here for the most amazing soccer experience.

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